Scoping and Analyzing a Eurorack Patch

I've used the Saleae Logic analyzers at my past 2 jobs and fell in love with them and their all too simple software. After my experience in an EE lab at Georgia Tech where we used a monstrous Windows based logic analyzer that took 15+ minutes to set up, the Saleae was a breeze. 

After following along with the Pro 8 and Pro 16 releases, I've been lusting after a Pro 8. Up to 8 channels that can be both analog and digital?! Count me in! 

I drove down to the Saleae office in South San Francisco and purchased my Pro 8 from them. Cool guys with a cool product.

I hooked it up to some of our work boards and had the necessary measurements in a couple minutes. Easy peasy.
Besides work measurements, I've been waiting to hook up a Pro 8 to my synths and get timed out analog readings. 

I made a simple patch that ran a clock into René, René's QCV out into an STO. STO sine out into an MMG and out to a mixer. The clock also went to a PEG which created a triangle envelope to control the MMG.
Below is the recording of the clock, QCV out, envelope, and audio output.

I then decided to get a bit more exciting with the patch and slowly modulated PEG's Divide, Skew, and Curve to get some 'cooler' looking envelopes and audio outputs.

Overall, I think it's as cool as I expected. Everyone scopes the audio and envelopes with O-Scopes, but I haven't seen a completely logged patch. 

More to come!


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