Ran my guitar through the Eurorack with some other modules


Custom Laser Cut Eurorack Case

Had some fun with the laser cutter at work. 
First made a custom front panel for a Synthrotek Echo a few weeks ago:

I've also been planning (in my head) on building a custom case using laser cut acrylic. 
Bought some Tip Top Z-rails and made this 12u 84hp beauty. Still waiting on one more set of z-rails and another uZeus.
I'll post the Illustrator files I used to make the case. The acrylic panels lock together with finger slots and some acrylic glue. I made the box using http://www.makercase.com/


Eurorack Patch

Recorded this patch after neglecting the eurorack for a bit too long.


Miselu C.24

After a very long wait with understandable delays in Miselu's manufacturing, I finally got my C.24!
The unit feels like quality for what it is: a collapsable keyboard iPad case. 
The keys feel really sturdy and the action is surprisingly nice! 
I tried it with my iPad 2 but got an error saying my iPad doesn't have BLE.
Tried it with my iPhone 5s and it worked amazingly well; no noticeable latency or any issues.
The transpose optical sensor on the left side works really well and the mod wheel on the left works equally well. Using Apple's Garageband, I was able to have some fun playing some blues with the electric piano setting. 
Might be time to shop around for an iPad 4. My hope is to hook it up to an iPad hooked up to Keith McMillan's QuNexus with CV outs to control my modular wirelessly. 


Synthrotek DS-M

I built the Synthrotek Dirt and Echo kits a few months ago. I love em both. The echo is used in almost ever patch I make. 

I got the DS-M kit in and quickly built it up. Had some trouble tuning it at first. I used my Minibrute set to arpeggiator hold in 4 octaves with middle C. I had it looping while tuning until the tuning was near perfect. Tracks really well now. 

The DS-M obviously makes great percussion sounds, but it sounds really cool as a VCO too.


The Cheater's way of Syncing When Circuit Bending

There come times in circuit bending when I just don't feel like putzing around and finding the clock's source for proper syncing. Sometimes, I feel like it just doesn't exist outside the silicone of those random NEC chips. 

Let's take my Casio MT400V which mysteriously sat unopened for 5+ years ($1 garage sale find). Popped it open Sunday, and spent the better part of the day tracing around and trying to find the sync signal. 

I've done this in the past and it always worked and I should just do it from here on out: LED. Thats right, tie into the LED that is showing you the tempo! Toss in a simple transistor circuit there and bam! Clocked gate for your Eurorack.  I used the PEG to multiply it up and the MT-400V was synced up with my modules.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, check out PartSim. It is a super easy to use online SPICE simulator. Should help you dial in your transistor circuit for the gate. 
PartSim - Online Circuit Simulator with SPICE | PartSim