Github Projects and DIY Synth Modules

It's been a while and I have been keeping busy.

I'be been slowly curating my github with open source firmware and hardware projects. 

All of the open source circuit boards have been designed in Altium and their files are available with the projects. You will also find a zipped up folder in each project that can be sent directly to a PCB board house for manufacturing. If you ever have a problem with a board house accepting the files, please reach out and I'll help you out.
I strongly recommend PCBWay for board fab. I've have 12 boards fabbed by them and I've never had a problem. They always ask the right questions if they are unsure about something but they don't barrage you with e-mail likes Sierra Circuits (never ever use them). PCBWay make everything easy and from quote, to file submission, to payment, to tracking the progress. I usually get the boards in my hands 2 weeks after I submit the files and the prices are some of the cheapest I've encountered. Often times, PCBWay is even cheaper than places like OSHPark.

I have also been slowly building a Buchla system from scratch. When it is complete, I'll write a post about the process and provide some video examples.