Synthesizing and Manipulating Composite Video

First off, ran the MS-20 into a TV's composite video input. What you see is what you hear. Or... What you hear is what you see?
Just to note, this is in no way an oscilloscope. 

Also, ran some video through a TC Electronics Ditto Looper. Happened to be a techy scene from Willy Wonka:


  1. how exactly did you do that with the component input of your tv? i've been trying that now for a while but nothing seems to work. i thought it would be easy, but it's kinda hard...

    1. The output from the MS-20 mini needs to be pretty hot, so I used the headphone output to a yellow composite input on the TV. Not sure what plugging the synth into a component input would do. Pretty sure that protocol requires something else to get the video going.